Dziú the Bird

Duration 55 min For kids from 5+

By Marcela Castillo
Directed by: Anick Pérez and Marcela Castillo

Aquelarre Teatro & La Covacha Teatro, 2009


Dziú the Bird, is a story of friendship and courage. Based on the Mayan tale of the same name, it tells the story of a small bird and his friend the aluxe, who face their own fears to save the most important seed of the Mayab: corn.


With artisan utensils of Mexican cuisine, we elaborate the aesthetic discourse of the play. Scoops, tortilleros, bread baskets, are transformed into the characters of this unique story. Simplicity is the fundamental element of transformation. The sonority of the story is created live on stage through Son Jarocho.


Dziú the bird has had a large number of presentations since 2009 to date, giving more than 200 performances in national and international forums. In Mexico City has had season in the most important theaters of the cultural circuit, such as Centro Cultural del Bosque (Cultural Center of the Forest), Centro Cultural Helénico (Hellenic Cultural Center), Sistema de teatro del DF (Theater System of Mexico City), La Capilla Theater, among others. This play has participated in various national and international festivals, among which stand out: Festival de Teatro de Calle (Festival of Street Theater) in Zacatecas, 2009, Encuentros TE VEO (TE VEO Encounters), Zamora Spain, 2010. 31 Muestra Nacional de Teatro (31 National Theater Showcase/Exhibition) Guadalajara, Jalisco 2010. It has been touring Guadalajara and Madrid Spain in 2010. XXVI International Festival of Hispanic Theater of Miami, 2011. 1er Festival Internacional de Teatro en la Gran Carpa de la Paz (1st International Theater Festival in the Great Peace Tent), Barrancabermeja, Colombia. Festival Internacional de Teatro para la Infancia y la Juventud (International Festival of Theater for Children and Youth) ¨Guaguas de Maíz¨ (FITIJ-2012) in Quito, Ecuador. 5ta. Semana de Teatro para niños (5th Theater Week for children) in the state of Baja California, 2013. 25th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival, Seoul, Miryang, Ansan, Gijan 2017. Finally, it was presented to children in situations of inequality, on a tour of 8 mixe communities in Oaxaca, in orphanages and in support centers for sick children like AMANC and CARDI.


Cast: Anick Pérez
Marcela Castillo
Norma Torres
Directed by: Anick Pérez and Marcela Castillo
Written by: Marcela Castillo
Music: Mónica del Carmen
Lighting Design: Sergio López Vigueras and Gustavo Aguilera
Costume Design: Magdalena Yáñez Nepote
Scenic Advisory: Haydeé Boetto
Assistan Directors: Miguel Romero / Patricia Cancino
Executive Production : Anick Pérez and Marcela Castillo
Photography: Alejandro Meléndez