Paper Uma

Duration 45 min For kids between 2 and 6 years old

By Marcela Castillo

La Covacha Teatro Production


Uma is a little paper girl who has emotions of different shades and sizes. With the help of her dog, Yuyu, she discovers how to recognize and name what she feels, in order to manage her emotions. Her paper world will change colors, consistence, dimension and texture, depending on the emotion in her heart.


Paper Uma addresses the issue of emotions, their recognition and the difficult task of self-regulation.

The aesthetic universe of the play is constructed through paper; the puppets, the scenery and Uma’s emotions are all expressed using this delicate material. The story is told through images and actions, not words. The music, specifically composed for the play, is an essential part of the dramatic action.


Paper Uma was performed for the first time at the Orientation Theater of the Cultural Center of the Forest in 2017, that same year, participated in the 38th National Theater Showcase, in León Guanajuato and it was presented at the Teatro Morelos (Morelos theater), in Aguascalientes, 2017 and at the Teatro Study of the Bicentennial Theater, Leon Guanajuato, 2018. It participated in the National School Theater Program 2018 and it will soon be presented at the FILIJ and at ENARTES


Cast: Ana Zavala
Carolina Garibay
Marcela Castillo / Verónica Contreras
Written and directed by: Marcela Castillo
Executive Production: Miguel Romero
Assistant Director: Patricia Cancino
Lighting Design: Tenzing Ortega
Technical Coordination: Tenzing Ortega
Costume Design: Marcela Castillo and Ben-Hadad Gómez
Original Music: Guillermo Castillo
Design and fashioning of pop-up objects: Xanath Ramo Vázquez
Production of puppets, masks and paper objects: Carolina Garibay, Ana Zavala, Patricia Cancino, Miguel Romero and Marcela Castillo.
Costume designer: Ben-Hadad Gómez
Music Production: Josué Vergara
Promotional video: Gustavo Aguilera
Photography: José Jorge Carreón